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PVC 01
We can supply the TPE/PEVA/EVA/PVC/PU/LDPE back glue calender environment-friendly fabrics, etc. Our developed excluding PVC plastic, its technical post environmental protection, the performance indices and other countries by SGS test organization. 1.back glue: our production do not contain metals, azo, excluding polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), salt (phthalic acid PHTHALATE), excluding toxic things dioxin (carcinogens), accord with the latest environmental standards. 2. Soft and resilience, good quality, With super waterproof properties. 3. Good heat-resistant, from - 60 degrees to 100 degrees. 4. ozone-resisting and climate (uv) . 5.back glue colour, thickness, feel, etc,we can product it according to the customer’s requirements. Welcome to us for cooperation.
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